Welcome to CAS Construction Inc. 2nd Story Additions™

For over three decades CAS Construction Inc. 2nd Story Additions™, has continued a tradition of building quality and value in every community and 2nd Story additions that we design and build for our customers.

Craig A. Stevens, owner of CAS Construction Inc. 2nd Story Additions™, initially learned his craft in the early 1970’s working as a carpenter. Craig then mastered his trade and began his own company in the late 70’s. During his more than 30 years of experience, Craig Stevens has designed, developed and constructed in excess of 1500 additions in Illinois.

His specialization, has given him an intimate knowledge of local permit requirements, municipal cooperation and architecture, as well as every aspect of construction. The Company strives to provide our customers with quality additions to meet their individual needs. Which is why CAS Construction Inc. 2nd Story Additions™, has already had such remarkable success. Here is a team of skilled professionals who bring decades of cumulative experience to every phase of every project.

From residential designs to commercial projects, CAS Construction Inc. 2nd Story Additions™ have been steadfast in providing unparalleled excellence and attention to detail throughout every phase of construction, regardless of the scope of the venture.

Here at CAS Construction Inc. 2nd Story Additions™, it is our goal to always strive for ultimate customer service, quality construction while at the same time maintaining a safe working environment. Through our ventures in Residential or Commercial, as well as charitable contributions, we have established ourselves as an industry leader but look forward to always increasing our expectations.

Be a part of the legacy of distinction by contracting CAS Construction Inc. 2nd Story Additions™ for constructing your next remodeling endeavor.


  • Have a CAS Addition built on your home instead

Move UP, not out:

  • Save moving costs, commissions, fees
  • Avoid the hassle of relocating
  • Avoid higher Real Estate taxes on a NEW home

Building UP saves:

  • Raise the value of your home with minimal tax increase
  • Most homes are not reassessed for years after improvement
  • Avoid expense of excavation & concrete
  • Save your yard
  • Easier to heat & plumb
  • Live on site while under construction
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